content marketing

Content Marketing Explained What is Content Marketing Content marketing is an effective marketing approach aimed at attracting, engaging and maintaining a specific audience by creating and distributing relevant articles, videos, podcasts and other types of media . Unlike traditional forms of marketing that sell products or services directly, content marketing prioritizes providing relevant information, entertainment, …

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Product Marketing

What is Product Marketing Product Marketing Product marketing is the process of promoting and selling products to potential customers. This includes creating a marketing strategy that identifies the target audience for your product and crafting a unique value proposition and message that appeals to that audience. The product marketing process typically involves conducting market research …

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Major 8 Types of Marketing

There are numerous types of marketing, but we have compiled a list of the top 8 types of marketing.

Best Marketing Strategies in History

Top 5 Best Marketing Strategies in History Marketing is one of the essential things for a startup and Businesses. Here are some of the best marketing strategies in history which is done by famous brands. Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” In 2011, Coca-Cola altered its bottles and cans to feature people’s names. They desired for individuals …

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Top 5 Marketing books for Entrepreneur

Top 5 Marketing books for Entrepreneur These are 5 highest rated marketing books that can help you improve your skills and knowledge of the industry. To sell a product, you must understand how to market it. Learning about marketing techniques, algorithms, and apps can help you succeed in a constantly changing environment. Reading marketing experts’ …

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Is studying MBA Really worth It

Is studying MBA Really worth It ? And how to do MBA ? We will discuss in detail whether an MBA is useful for business or not and whether studying for one is good or a waste of time. MBA degree teaches how to run a business through subjects like Accounting, Finance, and Economics. It …

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