Is studying MBA Really worth It ?

And how to do MBA ?
Is studying MBA Really worth It

We will discuss in detail whether an MBA is useful for business or not and whether studying for one is good or a waste of time. MBA degree teaches how to run a business through subjects like Accounting, Finance, and Economics.

It is beneficial for individuals who make crucial decisions in a corporation, such as a CEO or senior manager. Having an MBA does not guarantee a job promotion; it is critical to apply the knowledge and abilities acquired from the degree to perform well on the job. Doing an MBA after working in a corporate job for at least three years makes it easier to understand the concepts learned in the MBA.

How to Select a College

Going to a top MBA programme can be advantageous due to the  Capacity of students and the exposure and possibilities available. When we are in the company of individuals with greater intelligence than us, we can learn from them and become smarter ourselves. This is true not only for MBAs but also for other types of degrees.

For example, Mark Zuckerberg got the concept for Facebook from other Harvard University students, and Google’s founders worked on the search engine while attending Stanford University.

Going to a top college gives us additional exposure and opportunities, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we will start companies like them. Attending a top college with smart students can lead to networking opportunities for future job references or business collaborations.

Part-time education and loan

Completing a MBA part-time at a slow pace can allow for focused learning, but completing it online may hinder discussion participation in class. Applying to below average colleges that don’t require CAT or GMAT scores is not recommended as it may indicate a lack of readiness for a MBA.

Getting a loan for a MBA is worth considering for top colleges like IIM, but not for unknown colleges. While a MBA degree can help develop management skills and knowledge, it is not necessary for career growth.

Success with a MBA depends on how well one learns to use it, as it is just a tool.