Case Study: Lead Generation Campaign for LIC, Thambaram

Case Study: Lead Generation Campaign for LIC, Thambaram

By Team Dlanes


Our client, LIC Thambaram, sought to generate leads for LIC targeting the location of Chennai, Thambaram. The campaign utilized two ad creatives, one in English and one in Tamil, to reach a diverse audience. This case study outlines the campaign strategy, execution, and results.

Campaign Details

  • Start Date: June 18, 2024
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Target Location: Chennai, Thambaram
  • Client: LIC Thambaram


  • English Ad: 22 leads
  • Tamil Ad: 6 leads
  • Total Leads: 28 leads ( in 3 days )

Key Metrics

GoalMaximum leads
Cost per Result₹15.13
Daily budget ₹200
Started at June 18, 2024–Ongoing
Ad set 1
Ad 2 Ads with different creatives



The primary objective was to generate high-quality leads for LIC in the specified target location using a budget-conscious approach.

Target Audience

The target audience was individuals residing in Chennai, Thambaram, who are likely to be interested in LIC. This included different demographic segments, catered to by the native approach of the ad creatives.

Ad Creatives

Two ad creatives were developed:

  1. English Ad: Targeted towards English-speaking individuals.
  2. Tamil Ad: Targeted towards Tamil-speaking individuals.

Both creatives were designed to be engaging and informative, highlighting the benefits of LIC.


The campaign was launched on June 18, 2024. The ads were delivered through Facebook’s platform, optimized for lead generation. The bid strategy focused on minimizing the cost per result, ensuring efficient use of the budget.

Overall results in 3 days

  • Total Leads Generated: 28
    • English Ad Leads: 22
    • Tamil Ad Leads: 6
  • Cost per Lead: ₹15.13
  • Total Amount Spent: ₹423.72
  • Reach: 2,711 individuals


Success Factors

  1. Localized Approach: By using both English and Tamil ad creatives, the campaign effectively reached a broader audience within the target location.
  2. Cost Efficiency: The campaign achieved a low cost per lead (₹15.13), demonstrating the effectiveness of the bid strategy and the ad content.
  3. High Engagement: With a reach of 2,711 and a total of 28 leads, the ads successfully engaged the target audience, driving actionable results.

Areas for Improvement

  1. Ad Creative Optimization: While the English ad performed better, there is potential to optimize the Tamil ad to improve its lead generation performance.
  2. Enhanced Targeting: Further segmentation and targeting could help in identifying more specific audience subsets, potentially increasing lead quality and quantity.


The lead generation campaign for LIC in Chennai, Thambaram, was successful in generating a significant number of leads at a low cost. The bilingual approach and strategic budget allocation played crucial roles in achieving the campaign’s objectives. Future campaigns can build on this success by optimizing ad creatives and enhancing audience targeting to drive even better results.

By leveraging targeted ad strategies and efficient budget management, we were able to deliver a high return on investment for our client.