Google Ads Extensions for Real Estate Projects

By Team Dlanes

When it comes to advertising real estate projects using Google Ads, utilizing ad extensions can significantly enhance the visibility and effectiveness of your ads. Here are some of the best ad extensions for real estate project ads:

Sitelink extensions allow you to include additional links within your ad, directing users to specific pages on your website. For real estate projects, consider including sitelinks to key sections such as property listings, amenities, floor plans, virtual tours, contact information, and about us pages. This provides users with easy access to relevant information and encourages them to explore your project further.

2. Callout Extensions

Callout extensions enable you to highlight key features, benefits, or selling points of your real estate project directly within your ad. Use callouts to showcase unique amenities, location advantages, financing options, promotional offers, or any other compelling reasons why users should choose your project. This helps to grab the attention of potential buyers and differentiate your ad from competitors.

3. Location Extensions

Location extensions display your real estate project’s address alongside your ad, making it easy for users to find and visit your property. This is particularly beneficial for local real estate projects, as it allows users to see your project’s proximity to their current location on Google Maps. By providing accurate location information, you can attract nearby users who are actively searching for properties in your area.

4. Call Extensions

Call extensions add a clickable phone number to your ad, allowing users to directly call your sales team or office with one click. This is especially useful for real estate projects where users may have questions or want to schedule property tours over the phone. By making it easy for users to connect with you, call extensions can increase engagement and drive more leads for your project.

5. Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured snippet extensions allow you to highlight specific categories or types of properties offered in your real estate project. Use structured snippets to showcase property types (e.g., condos, townhouses, single-family homes), amenities (e.g., swimming pool, gym, rooftop terrace), neighborhood features (e.g., schools, parks, restaurants), or other relevant aspects of your project. This provides users with valuable information upfront and helps them understand what your project has to offer.

6. Price Extensions

Price extensions allow you to showcase specific property listings or price ranges directly within your ad. For real estate projects with multiple properties available, consider using price extensions to highlight different listings along with their prices or price ranges. This allows users to see pricing information upfront and may encourage them to click on your ad to learn more about specific properties that match their budget and criteria.

7. Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions enable you to highlight special offers, discounts, or promotions related to your real estate project. If you’re running limited-time promotions or incentives for buyers (e.g., special financing options, reduced down payments, bonus upgrades), consider using promotion extensions to draw attention to these offers in your ads. This can help increase urgency and encourage users to take action before the promotion expires.

8. Review Extensions

Review extensions allow you to showcase positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied buyers or industry publications directly within your ad. Highlighting glowing reviews or accolades can build trust and credibility with potential buyers, making them more likely to click on your ad and inquire about your real estate project. Choose reviews that highlight the unique features, quality, and value of your project to resonate with your target audience.

By incorporating these ad extensions into your real estate project ads, you can enhance the visibility, relevance, and effectiveness of your ads on Google Ads. Experiment with different extensions to see which ones resonate most with your target audience and drive the best results for your project.

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