Real estate Case Study: Creating 50+ AI-Driven Walkthrough Videos for a Client

By Team Dlanes

In the fast-paced world of real estate marketing, engaging and informative content is crucial. Recognizing this, our team embarked on an ambitious project to create over 50 faceless walkthrough videos with professional voiceovers for a real estate client. Leveraging advanced AI tools and a streamlined workflow, we delivered high-quality videos that effectively showcased the properties and captivated potential buyers.


To create over 50 walkthrough videos with voiceovers, providing virtual tours of various properties.

Tools and Technologies Used

  • ChatGPT: For crafting detailed scripts
  • 11 Labs: For converting text to realistic voiceovers
  • CapCut and Flixier: For editing and assembling the videos

Process and Execution

Script Creation

The first step was to generate engaging and informative scripts for each property walkthrough. Using ChatGPT, we crafted detailed scripts that highlighted the key features and selling points of each property. The AI tool enabled us to produce consistent, high-quality content quickly, ensuring that each script was tailored to the unique attributes of the property.

Voiceover Production

With the scripts ready, we turned to 11 Labs for voiceover production. This advanced text-to-speech platform allowed us to convert the scripts into realistic and professional-sounding voiceovers. The use of AI-generated voiceovers ensured uniformity across all videos and saved significant time compared to traditional recording methods.

Video Editing

Editing was a crucial part of the project to bring everything together seamlessly. We used CapCut and Flixier, two powerful video editing tools, to assemble the footage, add the voiceovers, and enhance the visual appeal of the videos.

  • CapCut: This tool was instrumental in cutting and organizing the video clips. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features allowed us to create smooth transitions and ensure that each video flowed logically.
  • Flixier: We used Flixier for its robust online editing capabilities. It facilitated quick edits and refinements, such as adding text overlays, adjusting audio levels, and applying visual effects to enhance the overall quality of the videos.

Workflow and Collaboration

Efficient workflow and collaboration were key to handling the volume of videos. Our team followed a streamlined process:

  1. Script Drafting: Initial scripts were generated using ChatGPT and reviewed by our content team for accuracy and engagement.
  2. Voiceover Generation: Approved scripts were fed into 11 Labs to produce the voiceovers.
  3. Video Assembly: Raw footage was edited in CapCut, where the basic structure of the walkthrough was established.
  4. Final Edits: Flixier was used for final touches, ensuring that the audio and visual elements were perfectly synchronized.

Results and Impact

The project was a resounding success, achieving several key outcomes:

  • Efficiency: The use of AI tools dramatically reduced the time required for scriptwriting and voiceover production.
  • Consistency: AI-generated scripts and voiceovers ensured a uniform and professional presentation across all videos.
  • Quality: High-quality editing tools allowed us to create visually appealing and engaging videos that effectively showcased the properties.
  • Engagement: The final videos provided potential buyers with immersive virtual tours, enhancing their experience and engagement with the properties.

Client Feedback

The client was highly satisfied with the results, noting the professionalism and efficiency of the production process. The videos have been a valuable asset in their marketing strategy, helping to attract and inform potential buyers.


This case study highlights the potential of integrating AI tools into video production processes. By leveraging technologies like ChatGPT, 11 Labs, CapCut, and Flixier, we were able to produce high-quality, engaging content at scale. This approach not only meets the demands of modern real estate marketing but also sets a new standard for efficiency and consistency in content creation.

For real estate firms looking to enhance their marketing efforts, adopting a similar AI-driven approach can provide significant benefits, including faster production times, consistent quality, and improved audience engagement.