Casagrand’s Marketing Case Study: A Real Estate Digital Innovation

Casagrand's Marketing Case Study: A Real Estate Digital Innovation

By Team Dlanes

Casagrand, a prominent player in India’s real estate sector, orchestrated a groundbreaking Facebook marketing campaign that not only redefined industry standards but also yielded phenomenal results, propelling the company to generate a staggering 190 crores in revenue while slashing the cost per lead by an impressive 60%. This case study delves into the intricacies of Casagrand’s innovative approach to digital marketing and how it revolutionized the real estate landscape.

Campaign Objective

Casagrand’s primary objective was clear: to boost residential project sales through online inquiries while simultaneously reducing acquisition costs by 50%. To achieve this ambitious goal, the company recognized the need for a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy that would seamlessly blend brand building with lead generation.

Strategic Approach

Casagrand’s strategy centered on leveraging the power of Facebook’s diverse marketing tools to engage, convert, and retain potential homebuyers. The campaign kicked off with captivating video ads designed to captivate the audience and foster brand recognition. By harnessing the trend of video consumption on social media, Casagrand effectively showcased its offerings and set the stage for further engagement.

Audience Targeting

Through meticulous audience targeting, Casagrand ensured that its message reached the right people at the right time. Custom Audiences were deployed to retarget individuals who had interacted with the brand’s video content, maximizing the chances of conversion. Additionally, lookalike audiences were utilized to broaden the campaign’s reach and connect with users exhibiting similar characteristics to existing leads.

Lead Generation Optimization

Casagrand streamlined the inquiry process with lead generation ads featuring pre-filled forms, simplifying the path for potential customers to express interest and inquire about properties. This frictionless approach significantly enhanced the user experience and facilitated higher conversion rates.

Multi-Channel Expansion

Recognizing the importance of omnichannel marketing, Casagrand expanded its reach beyond Facebook, leveraging the audience network and Instagram platform to engage with its target audience across multiple touchpoints. By diversifying its ad formats and channels, Casagrand ensured maximum visibility and engagement throughout the buyer’s journey.

Results and Impact

Casagrand’s innovative Facebook marketing campaign delivered unprecedented results, with a record-breaking 190 crores in revenue generated and a remarkable 60% reduction in cost per lead compared to other digital channels. By effectively blending brand building with lead generation and adopting a data-driven approach to audience targeting, Casagrand not only achieved its sales targets but also solidified its position as a trailblazer in real estate digital marketing.


This case study exemplifies the transformative potential of digital marketing in the real estate industry and underscores the importance of strategic innovation in driving business success. Casagrand’s remarkable achievement serves as a testament to the power of social media in revolutionizing traditional marketing paradigms and unlocking new avenues for growth. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, embracing innovation and leveraging emerging technologies will be paramount for brands seeking to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

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