Real Estate Digital Marketing Case Study: Regent Hills, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai

Real Estate Digital Marketing Case Study: Regent Hills, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai

By Team Dlanes

  1. Pricing Disparity: Regent Hills faced the challenge of offering 1 BHK apartments at a higher price point compared to competitors, coupled with lesser carpet space.
  2. Brand Positioning: Convincing discerning individuals seeking a premium lifestyle to consider the Hiranandani brand.
  3. Location Appeal: Persuading the target audience of the desirability of living in Powai, one of Mumbai’s most sought-after locations.
  4. Value Proposition: Demonstrating the investment value of the higher-priced Regent Hill 1BHK apartments.
Target Audience
  • Age: 30 to 60+
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Occupation: CEOs, Diamond Merchants, Sports Players, Entertainment Industry Professionals, Directors, etc.
  • Lifestyle: Frequent International Travelers, First-Time Homebuyers, Investors, Luxury Property Enthusiasts

Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Utilized Google Search and Ad Automation tools for efficient ad delivery.
  • Leveraged Facebook for Reach and Frequency campaigns using videos, carousels, and static formats.
  • Expanded reach through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Employed Google Display Network, YouTube Bumper Ads, and Trueview Ads for branding.
2. Lead Generation Tactics
  • Engaged with audiences on platforms like Yahoo, Taboola, and Inshorts.
  • Leveraged real estate portals such as 99acres to widen the audience.
  • Implemented guerrilla campaigns and ad extensions for accessibility.
  • Ran lead generation campaigns on Yahoo Native, Taboola, Magic Bricks, Facebook Newsfeed, and YouTube.
  • Utilized remarketing campaigns on Google Display and Facebook, complemented by WhatsApp and SMS outreach for urgency.
3. Campaign Optimization
  • Regularly optimized campaigns to focus on quality leads.
  • Maintained low CPLs by investing in top-performing sites.
  • Achieved higher quality leads at a lower cost per qualified lead.
  • Video ads outperformed other formats, with 20-second videos yielding higher click-through rates than 10-second ones.
  • Accumulated over 3700 leads and 1080 site visits.
  • Booked a total of 215 flats.


This case study underscores the effectiveness of investing in high-quality sites and remarketing strategies in real estate digital marketing. By strategically targeting the right audience, optimizing campaigns, and leveraging compelling ad formats, Regent Hills successfully overcame challenges and achieved impressive conversions and leads, reaffirming the importance of a comprehensive digital marketing approach in the real estate sector.

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