Digital Marketing for Real Estate: A Himalaya Group Case Study

Digital Marketing for Real Estate: A Himalaya Group Case Study

By Team Dlanes


The Himalaya Group stands as one of India’s largest real estate developers, boasting a track record of completing numerous group housing projects totaling over 2.1 million square feet. Notable projects like Himalaya Tower, Himalaya Legend, and Himalaya Tanishq are testament to their commitment to excellence.


When embarking on their digital marketing journey, the Himalaya Group was amidst the completion of their flagship Greater Noida West Real Estate Project, Himalaya Pride. Despite significant progress with two towers completed, the challenge lay in establishing their digital presence and surpassing competitors in the real estate market.


  • Enhance brand recognition and identity within the target demographic.
  • Increase organic search traffic and search engine ranking.
  • Generate high-quality leads to drive sales.


The Himalaya Group adopted a comprehensive 360-degree approach, integrating online and offline marketing strategies to achieve their objectives.

Phase 1: Building Brand Awareness

  • Prioritized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost website ranking and traffic.
  • Launched Google AdWords campaign for immediate lead generation.
  • Implemented offline marketing strategies to complement online efforts.

Phase 2: Generating High-Quality Leads

  • Continued optimization of website for enhanced user experience.
  • Implemented content marketing, paid ads, and social media management.
  • Leveraged off-page SEO to sustain awareness, traffic, and leads.
  • Maintained customer database for ongoing engagement.


  • Achieved a 175% increase in indexed pages.
  • Secured No. 1 search ranking position among real estate competitors.
  • Content marketing efforts generated over 3.5 million impressions.
  • Average acquisition of 87,000 new members per quarter from the target market.


This case study underscores the significance of a robust digital marketing strategy for real estate success. Through a blend of SEO, digital marketing, and traditional marketing techniques, the Himalaya Group not only boosted sales but also cemented their brand presence in the competitive market landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Effective SEO strategy drives awareness and visibility.
  • Integration of digital and traditional marketing strategies enhances brand impact.
  • A strong digital marketing strategy is pivotal for real estate agents or organizations to boost sales and brand recall.

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