Case study

Cycle Pure Agarbathi Case Study How Cycle Pure Agarbhati survives 75 years in business About The article is about the inspiring success story of Narayan Ranga Rao, the founder of Cycle Pure Agarbathi. Despite the terrible market conditions of 1950s India, Rao built a premium agarbathi brand and turned it into a business empire that […]

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Why Snapdeal failed

Snapdeal is a popular online shopping website in India that started in 2010. It allows people to buy and sell various products like electronics, clothes, and home goods.

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VR Logistics Case Study

VR Logistics Case Study About VRL VRL Logistics is a well-known provider of logistics and transportation services in India. Vijay Sankeshwar founded it in north Karnataka in 1976. VRL Logistics is also listed on the stock market. VRL is the largest fleet owner in India at the moment and has a sizable fleet of 5,111

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Groww destroying Zerodha?

Groww destroying Zerodha? About Zerodha Zerodha is a brokerage firm that is one of the most successful in the Indian startup ecosystem. It was founded by Nithin and Nikil Kanmath in 2009. Rather than spending money on advertising, Zerodha focuses on their product and wants traders to be able to trade without barriers.  The company

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The Secret Behind Parle G's Stable Biscuit Pricing​

The Secret Behind Parle G’s Stable Biscuit Pricing Rising inflation Inflation, or the general rise in prices of goods and services in an economy, can also prompt FMCG companies to raise their prices. This is because inflation reduces the value of money, and companies may need to adjust their prices to maintain their profit margins.

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Mama Earth case study

Mama Earth Case Study About Mama Earth Mama Earth is a natural and organic skincare trademark that was founded with the mission to provide unscratched and chemical-free skincare products to customers. The trademark offers a range of products that are made with natural and organic ingredients and are self-ruling from harmful chemicals. Their products include

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MDH Case Study : From a Small Spice Shop to a Global Brand

MDH Case Study : From a Small Spice Shop to a Global Brand About MDH Mahashian Di Hatti Limited (MDH) is a global leader in the spice industry, offering almost 50 different types of spices. The company’s founder, Dharampal, started out helping his father run a small spice shop in Sialkot, Pakistan. Despite facing challenges

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