Psychology behind the color branding

What Role Does Colour Play In Branding?
psychology behind the color branding

Colors play a significant role in marketing as they have the power to influence our emotions and perceptions. Colorcom research shows that people make subconscious decisions about a product within 90 seconds of seeing it, with up to 90% of this based on color. Which marketers can use to their advantage to create a brand image that resonates with their target audience.


White is a colour that is regularly related with simplicity, cleanliness, and virtue. Many manufacturers pick out to use white in their trademarks and advertising substances to create a cutting-edge and minimalist look. Technology groups like Apple are universal for the use of white in their branding. For example, the Apple emblem is a white apple with a chunk taken out of it, set in opposition to a black background. The white coloration of the apple creates a easy and easy plan that is without difficulty recognizable.

Other manufacturers that use white in their branding encompass Nike, which has a easy white swoosh brand on a black background, and Coca-Cola, which has a white scripted brand on a pink background. The use of white in these emblems creates a timeless and traditional seem to be that is without problems recognizable. In addition to science and trend brands, white is additionally in many instances used in branding for healthcare and splendor merchandise to bring cleanliness and purity. Overall, the use of white in branding is a famous preference for groups that favor to create a easy and present day aesthetic.

psychology behind the color branding


Red is a bold and attention-grabbing Colour that is frequently related with excitement, passion, and energy. It is recognized to make bigger coronary heart price and can create a feel of urgency and pleasure round merchandise or experiences. Many manufacturers use the Colour Red in their advertising and marketing and branding techniques to bring these emotions.

One of the most everyday brands that use the Colour red is Coca Cola. The company’s logo and packaging prominently function the shade red, which helps to create a robust emotional connection with its consumers. The coloration Red is additionally related with the style and taste of Coca Cola, which is why the corporation has made it a central section of its branding.

Red is additionally a famous coloration for speedy meals manufacturers like Pizza Hut and KFC. These manufacturers use Red to create a experience of urgency and pleasure round their products, as properly as to stimulate appetite. When human beings see the shade red, it can make them sense hungry and greater probable to make a speedy purchase.

psychology behind the color branding


Orange is a heat and energetic Colour that is often related with playfulness and creativity, making it an appealing desire for many brands. It’s a secondary color that is made by using mixing red and yellow. Because of its brilliant and fun nature, orange is frequently used in marketing and branding for merchandise that cater to a younger audience, such as toys, kid’s clothing, and candy.

One example of a company that uses orange as its predominant color is Nickelodeon. The tv network is recognized for its fun and enjoyable programming aimed at children and younger adults. The bright orange shade of its logo is immediately recognizable and evokes a feel of excitement and playfulness. Orange’s use of orange is a clever and high quality way to make its brand memorable and stand out in a crowded market. 

psychology behind the color branding


Yellow is a brilliant and cheerful Colour that is regularly associated with positivity, energy, and happiness. Brands that prefer to convey a fine message often select yellow as a primary or secondary shade in their logo and branding. One such manufacturer is McDonald’s, a fast-food chain that has been using yellow significantly in its branding since the 1960s. The mixture of yellow and red in its emblem creates a strong and memorable visible identity that resonates with its goal audience of youngsters and families.

The use of yellow in branding can also evoke a experience of excitement and optimism, making it a famous choice for manufacturers that want to bring a promise of something new and exciting. This can be viewed in the branding of companies like Best Buy, Subway, and Shell, which use yellow to create a feel of energy and optimism around their products and services. Overall, yellow is a versatile Colour that can be used to convey a huge range of feelings and messages, making it a popular desire for brands throughout various industries.

psychology behind the color branding


Blue is a color that’s not made by mixing other colors and has a calming effect. It’s associated with knowledge, trust, and accessibility, so many companies use it in their logos to show they’re reliable and trustworthy. Facebook chose blue because it’s popular and associated with accessibility, and some people think it’s because the founder is color-blind. 

Ford started using blue in 1912 to represent confidence and reliability, while BMW’s blue and white logo is inspired by the flag and coat of arms of Bavaria, where the company was founded.



 To determine if green is a good choice for your logo, branding, or marketing, it’s important to understand colour theory and the emotional connections associated with different shades of green. Green is often associated with nature and money, especially in the US where currency is green. Companies in agriculture, forestry, and farming have used green for decades, as have some government agencies and non-profit organisations. 

Financial companies often use green, as do luxury brand logos such as Izod Lacoste, Rolex, and even Land Rover.